Monday, January 5, 2015

It's a New Year!

I've been gone a while, I know.  My life is just so boring.  I did a total of 8 posts last year.  Let me see if I can recap some of what's been going on. Please try not to fall asleep while I tell you about the boringness.

Last time I posted it was basically to tell you that my Dr wants me to do IVF. I would really like to, but there's the whole money thing. It sucks. I've applied for a couple of loans and have been denied every time. I don't really know why. G and I have pretty good credit so that's not the issue. I'm guessing it's our debt to income ratio. Just not panning out.  I'm working on getting some credit cards paid off. I've gotten one taken care of, one that will be paid by the end of February, and then there's the big one. It has about $6000 on it right now.  My goal is to have it paid off by the end of this year, but I'm shooting for the end of July.  All that will leave us paying is the house, car and student loans.

In the meantime, G has agreed to try a round or 2 of IUI since we haven't gone that route yet. It was actually his idea, and it was a pleasant surprise. We're pretty busy at work right now, and probably will be through February, so right now the plan is to start again in March.

I've also been getting involved in my niece's Girl Scout troop. There are only 6 girls in the troop right now, but they all get along so well.  The troop leader is awesome and plans all kinds of activities for the girls to do. I actually just planned a weekend with the girls to get some activities done for some badges, and got the local taekwondo facility to give the girls a free self defense lesson. It lasted about 3 hours and the instructors were very good. They were very good with the girls considering we have one girl that has ADD and drives everyone bonkers. She's a sweet girl, she just has no filter and doesn't know when to stop.n Overall, I learned a lot at the class. I also had a great time getting to know all the girls better over the weekend.

G and I have also been spending some time in Dallas visiting with both our families. I really didn't want to deal with the hassle of Thanksgiving this year so we both took off work that week and went to Dallas and spent a bunch of money. haha. I actually saved up money for months because I wanted to shop. I was excited to go to the big malls and shop in stores I never get to go to. Or won't go to because I don't want to spend the money. I think I started the trip with $1300 cash and came home with $30. And a lot of new clothes and a couple pairs of boots. I felt a little guilty spending so much, but I work hard for my money and it was worth it.  We also ate tons of great food that week. We saw different family members every day and took them to eat where ever they wanted. G brought $800 cash for food and I think we spent every penny. We didn't regret a single penny spend on food. It was all delicious.

For those that don't know, G and I have separate bank accounts. We always have. Technically, they are both joint accounts, but we each continue to deposit our own paychecks into our own accounts we had before we were married. The bills get split between the accounts and whatever is left is ours to do what we want. We still consult each other if one of us wants to make a large personal purchase, and anything large for the house gets split.  For example, when I decided we needed a new sofa, G paid the $700 and then I gave him cash for my half.  When we FINALLY buy the flat screen that is supposed to be our Christmas gifts to each other, we will both pay half.  This system works very well for us.  That's why I don't feel so guilty about my splurges every now and then. G likes to splurge on food, I like to splurge on boots and pretty things.

Work is busy. I guess that's a good thing since it means job security and all, but I'm ready for something to change. I still just have the same gripe about some employees doing all the work while others do nothing, but I can't change that. I'm just glad I'm not angry all the time like I used to be. Don't get me wrong, I still get angry with the people at work, but I'm not constantly fuming and wanting to lash out at someone.

I've also started a new hobby, paper quilling. I've seen pictures on pinterest and always wanted to try it so I finally bought a starter kit. I haven't done anything fancy yet, but everyone is always awed by even the simple patterns. Quilling is just pretty. It doesn't matter what you make.

Have any of you ever put on a cute top and left the house only to realize you are wearing something with short sleeves only to realize you forgot to shave your pits? I have. Many times. I'm so tired of having to shave all the time. I finally took the plunge and bought a Tria Hair Removal Laser and just used it for the first time. It was definitely an experience. I think I'll post about that one by itself, though.

I guess that about sums up what's been going on since last time. I hope 2015 has lots of good things in store for me and my family and friends and even you. Till next time.

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