Sunday, May 4, 2014

On to IVF

My last cycle ended in a big fat BFN. It's surprising and not all at the same time. I was so sure that with 7 follicles there was no way I could not NOT get pregnant. But then again, this is me.

I have an appointment with my RE tomorrow to discuss IVF and come up with a plan of action. I also have a hysteroscopy scheduled that I am getting a little nervous about. My HSG experience was terrible and I'm afraid this is going to be like that.

I'm sure this is the path we need to be on, but the financial aspect of it is daunting. From what I've calculated this is going to cost me more than my car.

My mom has been great with driving me to my appointments when I need her to, but I feel like she is getting too involved. I feel like everyone is. I'm tired of everyone asking me all the time what is going on. I know everyone has good intentions, but there are some things DH and I want to be able to keep to ourselves. I mean, it's disappointing enough to not be pregnant again, but then for everyone else to keep asking me if I'm pregnant, when am I going to find out, telling us we should just move on to IVF, it's exhausting.

This is our journey, not theirs. How do you tell people to mind their own business without hurting feelings?

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