Saturday, February 8, 2014

Time for some changes...

As usual, my life is pretty boring, hence the lack of posts. But for some reason I decide that sitting here on a Saturday night sipping on a rather large glass of rum and fruit juice, and getting a little tipsy, is the perfect time for a new post. Don't ask me why. Maybe it's only during those time I feel my life has a little interest in it. Please bear with me when my post takes a philosophical turn as it's bound to due to the mango rum infused haze that's taking over my brain. If I say anything embarrassing or stupid or inappropriate I'll totally deny it tomorrow.

And so it begins...

Because work is finally providing us with a decent insurance allowance, I don't have to set aside my last paycheck of every month just to pay for my plan. Due to the Affordable Health Care Act, BCBS sent me a letter last year saying they were putting me on a new plan  effective December 1st, but that nothing was changing on my policy. And my cost was going up $40 a month to cover related fees. I was a little concerned because I knew that there were certain things that were supposed to be covered by the Act and one of those was maternity care. My old plan didn't cover that and I was told my coverage wasn't changing. What? I later found out that because I was put on a new plan in December they were exempt from covering the new stuff for the first year. What a crock.

I checked to see what gold plan would cost me through the healthcare marketplace, and I was surprised. For about the same price I was currently paying I could get a $500 deductible, have maternity coverage and dental. I didn't hesitate switching plans. And with the allowance work is giving us I only have to pay about $50 out of pocket every month. Yay me.

Because of these added savings I'm finally able to see the light at the end of the debt tunnel. I'm still paying medical bills from my kidney stones, but I've paid off 1 of the 4 accounts I had. I still owe over $1000, but I see it going down quickly. Once medical bills are paid off my credit cards will be next. I know the cards should be first because of the interest, but the low balances on those medical bills are just screaming for me to pay them off.

In other news, I'm preparing for another round at the fertility clinic. This is our last try at timed intercourse before we move onto IUI. Another side effect of not paying for insurance is that this is the first time I've been able to afford my fertility medicine without putting it on a credit card. I've ordered my ovidrel and progesterone and they are sitting comfortably in the fridge waiting their turn. This is the first time I've filled my prescription for progesterone from this doctor's office. They called me in a prescription at the beginning of everything, but I still had a lot left from when I was pregnant. I paid a lot for it and didn't want it to go to waist.

My current progesterone prescription is compounded and I have to say it freaks me out a little. Just the thought that someone, somewhere, sat (or stood) there and compounded and formed these suppositories that will go in my vajayjay seems very personal to me. Are they thinking about that when they make them? Ewww....

I downloaded and have started reading a book called "It Starts with Food". It's a real eye opener. It tells you about food and how the processes foods we eat effect our bodies. I'm not quite a quarter of the way into it, but I've been reading about whole30 and I'm convinced that I need to give it a try. Since I have pcos there's a good chance I'm insulin resistant, and reading about how the foods I eat can affect that has been a real eye opener. I'm convinced that if I continue on the eating path that I'm on I'll become a diabetic. I already have an aunt and uncle, both on my mom's side, that have type 2 diabetes, so I know I have a very good chance of getting it myself. That terrifies me. If I can complete 30 days of no sugar, grains, dairy or legumes, I think it will be the start of a new way of eating. I just hope I can convince G to do it foe 30 days, too.

I'm trying to revive my 52 week photo challenge from 2012, but I'm not sure how it's going so far. We are finishing up week 6, and I've only completed the first 4. And I'm the only one in the FB group actually working on it. I guess it's better than the last time where no one got past week 3. Here are my photos so far:

Theme List
Week 1 - Self-Portrait

Week 1 - Self-Protrait

Week 2 - Colorful
Week 3 - Close-Up

Week 4 - Bokeh
I still plan on completing weeks 5 & 6. At some point. If you want to join the group just let me know and I will point you to the right place.

I guess that'll be enough for tonight. While typing and watching Dirty Dancing, my tipy state has turned into plain old drunk. I'm having to correct typos on every other word, so I guess it's time to call it a night.


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