Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pregnitude update

So remember I told you I started taking the supplement Pregnitude at the beginning of my last cycle. Well, it seems to be working.

I ovulated without medication for the first time in 8 years. That's right. 8 years. I didn't O until CD40, but it happened. Then AF came right on schedule 14 days later. I'm on CD 5 now so we'll see if I O any earlier this time.

Florida is right around the corner. I can't wait. It is 10 days 2 hours and 17 minutes until we leave. G and I stopped by Academy the other day to buy the sport umbrella I wanted for shade on the beach. The employee that helped us showed us the store's version which happens to be $40 cheaper. I'll take that one please.
It sets up like a tent and is 9ft by 6ft. That's pretty large. There is mesh on the sides and back for ventilation. I figure we can just set up a blanket or our towels inside and stay on the beach for hours. I'll be packing plenty of sunscreen, but I love that I can hang out under this shelter out of the sun. I just wish there were more color options. It was either red or blue so I chose blue.

I've bought a few summer dresses and I'm still looking for a new swim top or 2 to go with the black swim skirt I have. Then I'll be all set.

G is out of town all week doing training. He was also out for 4 days last week. This is the longest I've ever been at home alone. Last week I stayed at my mom's house until it was bedtime. This week I'm trying to get some things done around the house in preparation for vacation. I do ok as long as I stay out of the bedroom until bedtime. That is the one place that G is always at so it doesn't feel right in there without him. I do tend to sleep pretty well since G isn't there snoring beside me.

The animals also act like idiots while he is gone. The dog wants to go out 20 times before bed and once we are in bed my cat constantly jumps on the bed comes to see me, meows menacingly at the dog, then runs away. He'll do this about 5 times before he decided the little hairless dog isn't going to come out from under his pillow and attack him.

The hardest part is probably driving to work by myself. It is a 45 minute drive and about 30 of that is on country roads. I hate driving country roads in the dark. Since I leave for work at the ungodly hour of 5:30 am, is is most definitely dark outside. See, years ago I was hit by a deer on one of these country roads while driving it in the dark. It really did hit me. It ran straight into the side of my car. I have had issues ever since. Especially while driving down the "deer" road.

Just 3 more days of driving myself to work. G will be home LATE Saturday and I can't wait. Then we will have 4 full work days next week before we leave from work on Friday to head to sunny Florida.

I don't know if you've ever heard of Cheri22 "The Baby Psychic" , but I just got a reading from her this morning. I'm going to make you wait before I post it, though. I'll probably get around to it tomorrow or the next day.

It is now 10 days, 1 hour, and 24 minutes until G and I leave for vacation (I had to go to the store for a cappuccino).

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