Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Update post

I guess it's been a while since I posted anything personal so here goes.

I had a root canal the day before my birthday. It sucked. I was crying in the endodontist office. Those dang shots in the roof of my mouth were the culprits. They hurt. They tried to give me gas to ease my anxiety, but when they tilted me back in the chair the mask pressed against my nose and I couldn't breathe. Not good. Then the Dr tried to tell me it wasn't that I couldn't breathe, it was because I'm claustrophobic. Ok. Did I mention that I was just supposed to be getting an evaluation? I go in for him to look at my tooth and is all "Let's do it now" and stuff. G thought that was a good idea so I wouldn't have to get all nervous and stuff a second time.

That was over a month ago and I'm still having some pain in that tooth. It's not as bad as it was. For the first 2 weeks I couldn't chew on that side of my mouth at all, and I went through a large bottle advil. I called the dentist's (dontists?) office and told them my tooth was still hurting so he prescribed me a steroid pack to take. He also told me it's possible for it to take a few months to heal completely. I guess if it's still hurting next week I'll call back.

It's only 30 days until G and I leave for our Florida vacation. I'm so excited! It's coming up pretty fast and I just know I'm going to blink while we're in the car and realize we're headed home already. I'm just looking forward to sitting on the beach. This is the house we're staying at.

Fourth of July was nice. Both of my brothers came for a visit. We ate lots of food ant shot off lots of fireworks. I don't get to see my brothers much so I always love getting to spend time with them.

I've been getting really stressed out lately about my finances. G and I have our own bank accounts and we each pay certain bills. I'm still paying on medical bills from my kidney stone in February. And trying to save money for vacation. And I'm making 4 large payments on my root canal. I thought I was going to be able to save a large chunk of money for Florida, but every time it seems I have a paycheck I can put into savings something else happens.

I received a notice that one of the medical bills I'm paying on (out of 6 for the kidney stone) went to collections. I didn't understand why since it's 1 of 3 invoices I have from the same place and they all get paid at the same time. I called up the company and after lots of phone calls they pulled it out of collections and told me it was an error. I called back later that week to make my payments, and the lady I've been working with called me back that afternoon and told me not to make any more payments until I heard from her again. She said her manager was reviewing my account and was making adjustments.

A few days later when I logged into my bank account I noticed I had more money that I should've and saw lots of small transactions added back to my account. They lady called me back later that day and said that I was actually overbilled and had paid about $300 more than I was supposed to. She said my insurance company had a deal with my local hospital that they would only bill certain amounts for their doctors since the hospital is in network, but the doctors aren't. I was billed almost $3000 for something I was supposed to pay less that $100 for.

The lady kept apologizing for a mistake that wasn't theirs, but I was just so grateful that I was having that taken off my plate. One less thing to worry about. And I got a rebate check from Blue Cross for almost $100. And my boss ordered some magnets from me that will bring in another $125. So things are looking up. The blessings are coming in.

When I'm down I think about all the good things I do for others, or about the good luck that others seem to have, but I don't, and it makes me depressed. I'm failing to realize at that time that just because I can't see my blessings, it doesn't mean I don't have them.

I feel like G and I struggle to make ends meet, but we really don't. We have a house we are buying, family that loves us, and plenty of food on the table. We may not have a nice car, but we have one that runs. Our house may be small and cluttered, but we have a place that we can call our own. We may not have a lot of extra money, but we have jobs and our bills get paid. We have all the amenities we could want. Sometimes I feel like I just need to stop and count my own blessings before I start counting someone else's.

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