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Marlboro Ranch - Day 3

I can't believe it took me so long to post this!! Sorry guys! Since it's been almost a year I may be a little fuzzy on details. I hope you don't mind if it's more pictures that writing. If you have any questions about any of it, feel free to ask.

Another day at the Ranch dawned bright and early. We had another HUGE breakfast buffet where I proceeded to eat tons of bacon just like the day before. If you love bacon, you will love breakfast at the Ranch.

The first on our agenda for the day was Hummer Driving. (We were supposed to go fly fishing, but we just couldn't get up that early). When you drive the Hummers they split up the men and women. It made me really nervous to do something without G, but I womaned (is that even a word?) up and did it. There are 3 people and an instructor per vehicle (or less). The instructor starts out and takes you on a short course to show you what the Hummer can do. Then each of the guests takes a turn driving. I was really nervous so I went last.
This was an amazing sight to see coming over the hill

Look at the angle we were at. I could have
reached out and touched the ground

The Hummer is balancing on 2 tires

After riding the Hummers We took a break in the Saloon. Unfortunately, I can't remember most of the staff members names, even though we spent a lot of time talking to some of them. The lady that coordinates the activities out of the Saloon was very friendly, and any time G and I were just sitting around we'd go in and talk with her. After the Hummers we went to the Saloon to get something to drink and sat down at the bar. She told me to keep my camera handy because she was going to let us ring the lunch bell. Sad to say, but it was exciting! She gave me tips on how to do it and took a few pictures for us.
I have no idea why I'm making such a funny face.

Ringing the bell was actually harder than it looked.

Here come the pictures of the fabulous lunch spread:

Dessert twice a day!! 

After lunch it was time for our last scheduled activity, zip lining! I had the opportunity to do this when my mom and I went on vacation in Tennessee, but this was G's first time. I think he had the most fun at the cattle drive, but this is what he was looking forward to the most. The get everyone geared up in all the safety straps and take you to a baby line. This one is not very far off the ground and they use it to teach you what to do such as where to place your hands, how to slow down, and what to do if you get stuck out on the line. Some of the lines are very long, and if it's a windy day or you don't get enough speed on the way down you can get stuck. It happened to someone in our group while we were out there.
G on the baby line

G was having a blast

This was at the end after we got out of our safety gear

After zip lining we found out we were having appetizers and drinks out at the lake. They loaded us all up in horse-drawn wagons for the trip. The had skewers with sausage made from things like wild boar, rabbit and rattlesnake. I passed on those, but I did have a few of the Montana mojitos made with huckleberry. They were pretty tasty.

I wore my pretty new boots

Angie was another awesome staff member

After the lake party we headed back to the Saloon for our last dinner at the Ranch.

After dinner we all headed into the Livery for the Ranch Party. They had a poker tournament and blackjack table set up along with a live band, a dj, and a large dance floor. All the red shirt staff members and the chefs came out so we could recognize them for the fantastic jobs they did, and then they entertained us with some line dancing. We also got another show from Cowboy Cal.

G plating blackjack for hours

Our last morning at the Ranch came all too soon. We had to have our bags packed and outside our room by 8am. It was a rainy, chilly morning. I'm glad the bad weather waited until that morning to show up. We had a few hours before our bus left for the airport so we had a leisurely breakfast (more bacon for me)and sat around waiting. They had a table set up at the front of the saloon with sandwich stuff, cookies, candy and chips so we could pack a lunch for the airport. G and I even packed a bag of bacon to take with us. We were so sad to leave. We may have only been there for a few days, but it felt like a week. The service we received was better than anywhere we've ever been. You literally cannot pay for that kind of service.
Our last rainy view of the Ranch from the bus window.
Going on this trip was literally one of the best experiences I've ever had in my life. I think about it all the time and wish I was back there. I hope one day I'll be eligible for another trip or that G will win one.

I firmly believe that I'll go back one day.

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