Monday, May 20, 2013

Here we go again

I went in today for my CD3 sono fully expecting to have to do another month of birth control. I mean, I had crazy follicles last month and had twinges all month while on the pill. When the sono tech came in and I discussed the ovary pain I had over the weekend, she even said I probably still have cysts left.

Surprisingly, my ovaries look perfect right now. I have 15 follicles starting on the right and 14 on the left. We got the go ahead on starting the foll.istim today, and because of the reaction I had last cycle, and the fact that I already have so many antral follicles, I am going to be monitored more closely this time.

My dosages are going to be lowered, and I already have my next 3 appointments semi-planned. I have an appointment on Thursday, and we plan on going again Sunday and the following Tuesday. Hopefully things will go well this time and I'll be able to trigger.

I did not go into this appointment very optimistic, but even the tech was surprised at how good my ovaries are looking. That put me back into the right frame of mind.

I'll update more after my next appointment.

Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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