Friday, April 12, 2013

Cycle cancelled, need to vent

As I've mentioned before, I did a full injectible cycle this go round and went in this past Tuesday (CD7) and had 4 good sized follicles. I was asked to do 3 more nights of the follistim and come in today for another sono and trigger shot. The good news was that my ovaries responded really well. The bad news was that they responded too well. I have 11 mature follicles (15mm and above), another 7 that were measured just under 15mm, and 14 more under 10mm. 

The nurses all told me I looked like an IVF patient and the Dr accused me of increasing my dosages of follistim. With that many mature follies they couldn't risk triggering me. They think I will O naturally around Sunday, but couldn't even guess at how many eggs I will release. Since they told us to BD last night they said there is still a high risk of becoming pregnant with multiples and told me and DH not to even look at each other until my next cycle starts. 

Am I crazy in the fact that I want to risk it and BD again this weekend? DH and I have been actively trying to conceive for almost 5 years. I am almost 33 and he is 53. It's not like we can wait much longer. My miscarriage last June has just made me more anxious to get pregnant again.

To make matters worse, IMO, if I don't get pregnant this time I'll have to wait another month while I do a round of BCP to get rid of the cysts I will have from so many follicles. The Dr said next round we will switch my medicine around and I will have to be monitored more often. I still have about $500 worth of follistim left so that might go to waste, and the Dr office is about 3 hrs away. 

I was so sure that this cycle was going to be the one even before it started. I know there's still a chance, but I just feel like a lot of time and money has just gone down the drain. I really want to take the risk of BD'ing just one more time, but I don't think DH will go for it. 

Thanks for letting me vent.

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