Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Just a quick update

It was about 6:30 pm and I was falling asleep in bed when I realized I couldn't go to sleep yet and I got a little mad at myself, haha. First of all, I had laundry in the washer that needed to go in the dryer. Not only so it wouldn't stink, but because ALL of my jeans are in there and if I didn't dry them I wouldn't have anything to wear to work tomorrow. And my hair was dirty. So even if I couldn't get up the energy to take a full fledged shower I needed to wash my hair. While I was showering I realized I hadn't posted anything yet today so here it is almost 8 and I'm sitting here with a towel on my head scrambling for something to write about. How lucky for you.

Well, AF arrived yesterday and she is kicking my butt. I'm so tired I can't even imagine what it's going to be like once I'm pregnant. Since AF is here I have my sono set up at the doctor's office for Thursday. G and I have to take the day off for this appointment because the latest they could get me in is 11:15. I live over 3 hours away, you do the math. As long as my ovaries look good we'll get the green light to start the meds. I warned G he needs to be prepared for me to get really moody. I really don't know what the influx of hormones is going to do to me, but it sounded like a good excuse. If everything goes well then the trigger shot will be the day after Thanksgiving. Hopefully the Dr office will be open that day. Since they have weekend appointments available I assume they will work something out since they told me it has to be on CD 12. I wonder what would have happened if AF had started a day early and I was supposed to do the trigger on Thanksgiving. I wonder if they would still have scheduled a sono for that day or what.

Anyway, I think I'm going to dry my hair and go back to bed now.  Goodnight!

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