Monday, November 26, 2012

I failed... NaBloPoMo that is. I  was just too tired over the holiday weekend to worry about it.

I had my cd11 sono on Friday, and everything was good to go. The follicles on my left ovary were still on the small side, I had 4-5 around 12-13mm. But as soon as he looked at my right ovary he was happy. He said the right ovary was a champ. I had 4 nice 16mm follicles moving right along.

Our instructions were to take the last follistim injection that night and take the ovidrel trigger at 8am the following morning.  We were told to BD that night to make sure DH would have some fresh swimmers, and then again on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights. I'm not opposed to some baby dancin', but I hate feeling the pressure of having to perform on a schedule. It kinda takes the romance out of it.

 My right ovary has felt like it was going to explode all weekend. It feels better today, but I really don't think I've ovulated yet and it's been over 48 hours since the trigger. TMI warning here, I had EWCM like crazy yesterday. I was kind of proud since my body has never really done that before due to the whole not ovulating on my own thing. DH said he could feel a difference when we were "dancing" last night.

We have orders for a blood pregnancy test on 12/10 at LabCorp. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to test before hand. I guess I'll decide that when the time comes near. I'm already a nervous wreck about the whole thing.

Hopefully I'll have some O signs by tomorrow.

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jeanna said...

I failed too...but GL sounds like a great cycle! FX!!!!!!!!!!!