Thursday, November 15, 2012

Green Light and 9th Anniversary

My appointment at Dr B's office went well today. I didn't see him, just the Dr that does the sonos, but she was super nice.

I have a small cyst on my right ovary, but she said it will most likely go away, and she was not concerned about it. She said it could have been because my last cycle was so long.

She also said I have about 20 small follicles on both ovaries, which is perfect. My body obviously has plenty of eggs, it just can't figure out what it's supposed to do with them.

I start the letrazole on Saturday and the follistim on Monday. They do their cycle start dates a little different and told me I'm on CD3 instead of 4. I was supposed to go back on CD12, which is the Saturday after Thanksgiving, but they are closed that day. Instead, I'll be going in on Friday and possibly Sunday depending on what my follicles look like.

I;m still having a hard time thinking that I could be pregnant soon. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes as planned.

G and I have also been married for 9 years today. I still remember the day we got married very vividly, and I can't believe that was 9 years ago. The time really has flown by. Things haven't always been great, but I don't think we would grow as a couple if we didn't face challenges. I hope the next 9 years find us just as much in love, if not more, than we are today.

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