Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Soldier's Letter

I got an email from my adopted soldier yesterday, and I have to say I almost cried when I read it. He seems like such a humble man. I just wanted to share a few bits of his letter.

I'm honored by your participation in this program. When they asked for soldiers to sign up for this program, I hesitated honestly...I felt like I'd be obligating someone to send stuff and spend a bunch of money when I felt like I hardly deserved it.  It means a lot for you taking time out though, and I do want to show appreciation for that without a doubt.
For the record, I feel compelled to say this at least once, but you really don't have to worry about sending a ton of stuff. I would hate to see you spend too much for my benefit, and truthfully...there's a ton more guys and girls out there now having it harder than I do right now and I'd feel guilty putting some expectation for always getting things.  That's really not me at all.  When I'm not at work, or working out, I'm probably just in my room on the internet or listening to music. A letter(email or physical) from back home means just as much as anything else honestly.  Whenever you would like, or as much as you would like is all just fine by me.  Just never feel obligated to do absolutely anything, that is my biggest point I wanted to make.
He just makes me want to do even more.

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