Thursday, October 25, 2012

Random Photos

Just thought I would share some random photos with you today just because. I'm also going to be removing a lot of old photos from the blog because for some reason they're just not showing up any more.  All that's showing is an ugly black box.

Anyway, hope you enjoy.

This photo was one of the ones I took at the Marlboro Ranch. I edited it with a few PSE actions from Yellow Sky Actions and I also added in the blue sky.

 My bald pomeranian Kahuna

 This is Precious. Unfortunately, I don't think she'll be with us a whole lot longer. She was a cat we inherited when G's sister passed away (along with the bald pomeranian) so we really don't know how old she is. In the last few months she has gotten extremely skinny and also very lovey.

And this is Spunky, who I for some reason call Spunker Doodle. She is actually my brother's cat who lived outside next door at my mother's house. For some reason she decided to start coming over to our house and she adopted us as her new owner's. We love her like she's our own. Unfortunately we already have 3 cats and a small dog in our small house so she has to remain an outside cat.

I have my appointment with the new Dr on Friday so I'll update about that sometime next week.

Our town has Treats on the Square Saturday. All the businesses around the square downtown hand out candy so all the kids from town come out in their Halloween finery and parade around the square getting high on sugar. Since my niece lives with my mom, my parents usually take her, but my dad is out of town this weekend so I volunteered to go with my mom. I got the dog a cute little pumpkin costume to wear so he is going with me. He never gets out of the house unless he is going to the vet so he will enjoy it a lot. I'll be sure to get some pictures of that.

Have a Happy Halloween!!

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