Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New doctor update

When I went to my appointment with Dr. B Friday I was really nervous. Since I'm the type of person that has to google everything, I googled my Dr. That actually sounds kinda dirty, huh. Anyway, the reviews people have been writing about him are mostly bad. Most of them say that he doesn't answer questions, he doesn't spend time with the patients and he treats them as dollar signs.  I didn't see any of that to be true.

First of all, when we were in the waiting room there was one other couple there and they were also one of his patients. I only know this because he actually comes to the waiting room himself to get his patients. Not sure if he does all the time, but Friday he did.

He took us back to his office and basically asked me a bunch of questions about previous my treatments. He gave me some info on the 4 steps they take with their patients in trying to get them pregnant, explained to me that my old Dr had completed the first of those steps, and then told me what he would like to do.

He said the first step they take is to try a patient on oral medications like clomid or femara. If that doesn't work then he moves on to oral plus injectable meds and IUI. Then on to all injectables and IUI, and finally on to IVF.

Dr. B decided that since I've had a total of 8 rounds of clomid and 2 of femara, I should move on to step 2 and add some injectables. He also decided that since I have gotten pregnant, and G's SA was normal, and to save a little money, that we would do timed intercourse instead of IUI this go round.

I'm to do a round of progesterone to kick start my cycle since it's been about 3 months since I've had one. Once my cycle starts I have to have a sonogram done between days 1-5. If everything looks good I start the femara on cd 5 and take through cd 9. I will also do injections of follistim cd 7, 9, &11. On CD 12 I have to have another sono and will either do the trigger shot of ovidrel at the office that morning or do it myself later that night depending on what the sono shows. Then I start progesterone and continue that I guess until we figure out if I am pregnant or not.

Sounds like a good plan to me. I had to take a class on giving myself the injections. Luckily it's only 3 or 4. I have a feeling G is going to end up having to do them, though.

The clinic faxed the order for the meds to the mail order pharmacy, but they haven't called me yet. I'm waiting to start the progesterone until everything with all the meds is lined up because once this cycle starts things are going to go fast. I'm hoping the meds aren't too expensive. Luckily I still have lots of progesterone left from when I was pregnant because that was a $400 prescription. I'm worried about the follistim and ovidrel.

Hopefully the pharmacy will call me today because I excited and ready to get started!


just about anybody said...

How much follistim an injection is he putting you on? I was taking 112 IU a day during my injections cycles. I think the follistim was $300 put cartridge. The ovidrel should be about $100. I hope your insurance covers more than mine! I found the meds and the monitoring were about even in cost.

When do you start? I love that you are blogging again!

jeanna said...

ps: "just about anybody" is me jeanna...somehow I got mixed up and I can't seem to fix it back to my name!

Missy said...

Hey Jeanna! He has me on 75iu a day. The prescription order is for 1 300iu vial. I'm pretty sure my insurance won't cover anything fertility related. I'm just waiting to hear from the pharmacy to get started on everything. I hope things are going well for you!