Saturday, August 11, 2012

Time to Rock the Ranch!

We leave for the Marlboro Ranch first thing in the morning. I have to get up at like 2am or something because our flight is at 6am and we live over an hour away from the airport.

We got the dog to the vet's office for boarding, and I spent all day doing laundry and packing. As I type I'm sitting here with dye in my hair just counting down the minutes til I can hop in the shower and wash the nastiness out. The only bad thing about dying your hair red is that when you rinse it out the shower looks like a murder scene. I can't tell you how many shower curtain liners I've had to buy over the years, haha.

Once we get back from the Ranch we'll have about 6 more weeks to wait until we can TTC again. 3 months seems to taking forever. Now that I've experienced just the smallest bit of being pregnant I can't wait for a healthy pregnancy. Now that I know I can get pregnant it's been so hard to wait to try again. I know lots of women have had healthy pregnancies the first cycle after a miscarriage, but I'll follow my doctor's advice and wait the rest of my time since he is the professional and he's supposed to know best.

This trip couldn't come at a better time. Things have been so crazy and hectic since we had our loss and we are really looking forward to the time of relaxation and just getting away from work and family.

Time for me to hop in the shower. I'll have a nice long post full of pictures about the Ranch after we get back!

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