Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Doesn't Sound Good

So my hcg has gone from 902 to 1299 in 5 days. My progesterone has also gone down to 7.3 from 10.0.

I have an ultrasound scheduled on Thursday at 10am to check for a heartbeat.

So, of course, my trip has been cancelled. Even if I didn't have the u/s this week, the Dr wouldn't release me to travel.

When I talked to the people at the Ranch Travel Headquarters they said they didn't even know if they would be able to reschedule me since it's such late notice. I was supposed to fly out in the morning.

The news is disappointing on both ends.

It's hard to think that the baby I've waited for for so long has decided to make an appearance only to possibly be taken away from me so soon. Not that there's ever a good time to lose a baby, because there's not. It hurts no matter what.

I'm hoping for the best and that everything turns out ok, but I feel like I'm being prepared for the worst.

It's just really hard to know how to feel right now. I'll update after the ultrasound on Thursday.

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jeanna said...

Oh Missy, my heart breaks for you. I am thinking and praying for you tomorrow. I know how horrible it is going to an u/s, the anxiety, the waiting and then finding out. I hope with all my heart this is not how it will go tomorrow. I will be checking for your update. I am so sorry about your trip too! I swear it really couldn't be worse timing. :(