Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Marlboro Rock the Ranch 2012 - Activities Paperwork

On April 4th I got a call from Marlboro Travel Headquarters confirming that I won the trip to the Ranch. They offerred me the dates of June 2nd-5th, but I said there was no way I could get off work those days since my co-worker would be gone on the 4th and 5th. So instead I took the dates of June 6th-9th.

Yay! I'll be at the Ranch in June!! I went to FedEx today and picked up my next packet of paperwork.  In this packet G and I had to select out cigarette preferences (mine will be donated once I get home), our boot size, and jacket size. It also came with a nifty cowboy hat sizer so we could provise that too.

We also had a page where we get to rank the activities we want to do. The activities listed are zip line adventure, sporting clays, scenic horseback ride, mountain biking, cattle drive, archery adventure, and off-roading. I'm hoping once we are there we'll also get to do some fly-fishing.

I'm getting so excited thinking about what's to come!!

Around April 26th I should get a call confirming my mailing address and on May 24 I'll get my airline tickets and a check for $750.00.

Some time in there we will get some large rolling duffle bags according to the blogs of past trip winners.

One of these days I'll update on everything that's been going on in the rest of my life :)

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