Saturday, March 17, 2012

Marlboro Rock the Ranch 2012 -Paperwork Round 1

On the Marlboro forum I post at there have been several others who got a ranch invite the same day I did. A lot of them were saying they were getting calls from FedEx confirming that they were going to receive a package on Friday.

I started to get concerned because I hadn't heard anything, so I decided to call Marlboro and make sure they got my RSVP.  I talked to a very nice lady there who assured me they got my RSVP and that I would receive my first packet in 4 weeks. She also told me that my trip would be sometime between June and September.

Next I decided to call FedEx just to see if there happened to be a package on it's way to my house. And lo and behold there was! The only catch was that someone needed to be there to sign for it.

A little while later someone called from FedEx asking for directions to my house. I gave directions then called my mom to see if she could send one of my cousins over to my house to sign for the package.  Over an hour later I called and she said no packages had come yet.

Someone from the Marlboro forum told me how to track my package at FedEx and when I pulled it up it said wrong address. I'm pretty sure the driver never even attempted to go to my house. I printed out the page with the tracking # on it and G and I went to the local FedEx facility after we got off work.

The lady we talked to there was very nice and said the driver should be back around 5 pm and we could come pick it up then.

G and I ran a few errands around town then went and picked up my package. I know they would supposedly have attempted to deliver again on Monday, but when I spoke to the woman at Marlboro, she told me they had to receive the papers back within 7 days of the date it was sent.  Yikes!

Luckily I was able to get my package on Friday. I felt like a kid at Christmas. I couldn't believe I received it that fast either. I was told it would take 4 weeks, but it only took about 4 days!  I hope the rest of the packages are delivered that quickly!

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