Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Let's Limbo

Actually, that's where I'm at right now as far as my Dr goes. I was told to call when my next cycle started and the Dr would put me on meds to help me O so I called the nurse yesterday and told her my new cycle started.

She asked me what the Dr told me at my last visit cause I guess he didn't put anything in my chart. So I told her what he said and she proceeded to tell me that she didn't know if I would get the meds or not because the Dr is on vacation. I told him my new cycle was going to start around Christmas so you woulda thought he would connect that with the fact he will be on vacay and wouldn't be able to call them in.

Well, the nurse said she put in the request and maybe the Dr would check while he was out because if I'm going to do it then I need to start them this week. then she told me that I really should do an HSG before I go on the meds and she doesn't know why he hasn't scheduled me for one so she's going to ask if he wants to do that instead. And if I have to do that then it has to be done on the 5th and I need to stop taking the met right away.

I have a feeling nothing's going to happen this month.  I just wish the Dr had realized he wasn't going to be there to approve the things I would need then I wouldn't have gotten my hopes up about progressing in my treatment.

Oh well, so is life.

I'll leave you with some pictures from Christmas.

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