Monday, November 21, 2011

I'm still here

I'm still alive. I'm still reading everyone's blogs. I have just felt overwhelmed the last few months with everything going on im my life.

Today I have my second Dr appt for this cycle. The first one was on CD13 and things were just barely starting to happen with my ovaries. The Dr asked me to come back 2 weeks later, which is today or CD 26.  Today we'll take another look at my ovaries and see if we can tell if and when ovulation is going to occur.

This is going to be a short week at work which I am grateful for. G and I are leaving early today for my Dr appt and then I'll be off Wed-Fri and of course the weekend for the holiday. I chose to take my last vacation day on Wednesday so I'll have time to get some cooking and cleaning done.

My parents still do the bulk of the holiday cooking. This year, the same as most, I am making the greenbean casserole (or rather 2 of them), the sweet potato casserole, I'm providing the bread, and I'm making 3 pumpkin pies. Two of those go to my parents house for the feast and one is staying home for DH and me.

G and I really like to keep to ourselves, but my family doesn't understand that. They get all upset when we want to take leftovers home with us instead of coming over to their house everyday to eat. That's why when I bake things I bake extra to keep at our house. So the only thing I'll probably bring home from my parents is turkey, dressing, and fruit salad.

I've worked really hard to get off the 10 pounds I put back on after my vacation so I'm going to have to try and be careful about what I eat over the holidays. Either that, or I'm gonna have to go back to the gym and work it off.  That actually sounds like a good idea just so I'll get back into the grove of working out. 

I've been paying about $50 a month for over a year now for a membership that we rarely use. It's sad. I don't cancel it because I keep telling myself we're gonna start going to the gym again. I even went so far as to pack a gym bag and put it in the car, but that's as far as I ever made it. I think the holidays are as good a time as any to start going back.

I still have lots of pictures I want to share, but that's one of those daunting tasks I can't seem to get to. I promise I'll share them soon. That is one of the goals I plan to reach before the first of the year. Wow, sounds crazy to say that because it feels like this year just started a few months ago.

Anyway, gotta finish my work before I head off to the Dr in an hour. I'll let you know what happens.

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