Monday, August 8, 2011

Sad Story

I may not like my diva coworker one iota, but I can't help but feel so terribly bad for her and her family right now. She came into work crying this morning saying she was leaving early and she's going to be out the rest of the week because her baby grandson passed away this weekend.

Her DIL had to deliver Friday, about 3 months early, due to a tear in her amniotic sac. The baby boy, I believe his name is Maxwell, was given a good chance of survival, but his lungs just weren't developed enough and his little body couldn't handle being on a respirator. He passed away Saturday at only 1 day old.

My heart just breaks for this family.


jeanna said...

so sorry for your coworkers family. You should send a card, I really appreciated each card and email.

Songcatcher Siren said...

How very sad.

Thank you for your comment & for following my blog. I would love to follow yours but again, yours is a blog where I cannot find a 'follow' or 'join this site' button!

I'm so technically deficient! Can you direct me to your follow button please?? ;)