Friday, August 12, 2011

Blog Award

Thank you to Songcatcher Siren at Longing for Lullabies for my first blog award nomination.

So the first rule is that I'm supposed to tell you 7 things about myself that you may not know. I hope I can think of 7 things :). I'm sure I've mentioned all of this at some point, but I really don't know who knows what about me.

1. I'm desperately trying to have a baby. This really is no secret, but since it has occupied my mind almost 24/7 for the last 3 years I thought I'd throw it out there.

2. My husband and I work together and I love it. We spend almost all day every day together and that's how we like it.

3. My husband is also 20 years older than me. I know that seems like a lot, but if you asked anyone that has met him how old they think he is they would probably say about 10 years younger than he is. He certainly doesn't look his age. Except when he shaved his goatee off for the first time since I had known him before we went to Seattle. That was just weird. He looked like a stranger and I asked him to please grow it back. I'm so glad he obliged.

4. I love to travel. I never really traveled anywhere until I got married. My first flight was actually to Las Vegas when we did get married. I'm officially addicted to seeing new places. here is where my bad side comes out. I started taking a vacation with my mother every year since my boss doesn't like for G and I to take off together. G doesn't like it, but he deals with it nicely. But when his sister offers to take him on vacation without me I tell him I don't want him to. I know that sounds bad, but it makes me super jealous. I can't stand the thought of him going to new places without me, especially if I don't think he and I will be able to go back by ourselves. Terrible, I know.

5. I live next door to my parents. This is both a blessing and a curse. Once I became an adult my mother became my best friend. I thought it would be great to live next door to her, that way I wouldn't have to spend the night at her house on the weekends anymore. I could go and see her anytime I want and then just walk home when I'm done. That is the good part of it. The bad part is that my parents are entirely too close. They try to control everything that goes on with our land and they have fits if I don't come over often enough to suit them. They told us they were going to give us the acre of land our house is on, but it just so happens that land got tied up in their mortgage somehow. So now we won't even be able to legally own the land for like another 20 years or something. If something happens to them, heaven forbid, before their mortgage is paid then we're screwed. The property will get split atleast 4 ways and I'll have to somehow make sure I get the area my house is on. I don't even want to think that far ahead, but someone has to.

6. I have a bald pomeranian. His name is Kahuna. G had a sister pass away about 4 years ago in a car accident and we took in her dog and cat. Kahuna was already starting to go bald when we got him, but he atleast still looked like a pommie. The baldness has steadily gotten worse and he now only has hair around his face and feet. I'll show you a picture if you want. Some people (my mom) are creeped out by the baldness, and some people (everyone at the vet's office) just adore him.

7. I have a passion for photography. I have loved it for a long time, but I just recently started getting into it. I purchased my first dSLR camera in November, but yesterday was the first time I've actually used it in manual mode. I'm actually going to take a class starting in September that will hopefully teach me the things I'm desperate to learn. I'll fill you in some more on that later. I post some of my pictures on this blog, but I started another blog that is geared more towards my attempted photography if you want to check it out.

8. And since #1 was such a given I decided to throw another one out there for ya. One of my other passions that I don't seem to have much time for anymore is paranormal investigating. I am actually part of a group that is comprised of mastly family plus one other lovely lady. If anyone is interested let me know and I'll direct you to our website. I became interested in the paranormal the first time I saw a "ghost". I really don't know what it was, but it wasn't normal. I was in a period of transition in my life and my parents were kind enough to let me stay with them for a little while. My aunt was staying in my old room so I was staying in my brothers' old room. One night I saw a white misty shape sitting on the end of the bed. It scared the mess out of me and I threw the covers over my bed and didn't move for the rest of the night. Why didn't I leave the room you ask? Because I would've had to walk/run past this thing to get to the door and that wasn't happening. I told my mother about it the next day and she laid in the room with me for a while, but it never appeared again. I moved out shortly after that. I wasn't the only person to ever see things in that house. I would love to know if the current owners ever have any experiences there. That isn't the only experience I've had. I'll tell you more some other time if you're interested. Our group has only been to 2 or 3 places that I would say had activity although it was very rare for anything to actually happen while we were there. Usually we would hear things on our recorders later when we played them back.  This isn't something we just go and so all willy-nilly like. We are always very careful and take every precaution we can including a prayer of protection before we enter a building or area.

Now, the other rule to this award is to nominate 7 followers. Well, I only have 4 followers, and 2 of those haven't posted in several months. So that leaves me to nominate 2 blogs for the Blog with Substance award. And both of these ladies deserve it too.

The first one is Maddie. I know she was nominated by SCS also, but she deserves another nomination. She has been going through a very long struggle with IF and deserves all the encouragement, well wishes, and prayers she can get.

The other one is Jeanna. Jeanna has acheived motherhood, but had a difficult journey getting there. She has had struggles that I would never wish on anyone, but she has dealt with everything with such strength.  She had the courage to share her journey with the world on her blog, and I can only hope that it has helped others along the way. Jeanna, you are a wonderful mother and a strong woman.

Please go show these ladies some love on their blogs.

So there you go. Now that you know all this craziness about me you probably won't want to read anymore, lol. That is if you even made it this far :)

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Songcatcher Siren said...

So glad to learn more about you, sweetie! And #8 - very interesting! Thanks to you also for sharing that trick with me for following people! YAY! I'm your newest follower!