Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Vacation Days 2 & 3 (Image Heavy)

On the second day of our trip we went to the Museum of Glass in Tacoma and then we drove to Mt. Rainier and stayed in this beautiful cabin, called a yurt, just outside the state park.  We went for a little hike in the woods behind the cabin and came across a beautiful little stream.  Everything there was just incredibly green. The pictures can't even do the colors justice.


On the 3rd day of our trip we spent the day driving through Mt. Rainier National Park.  Unfortunately it was very cloudy on the mountain so we couldn't see anything of Mt. Rainier than where we were driving. That was probably one of the things I was looking forward to most on our trip, but there were lots of other beautiful peaks we got to look at on the way there and back.  We also got to play around in the snow so that was fun. We hiked down a few of the trails too, so by the time we were done I was ready for a nice long soak in our private hot tub.

My friend Robyn had her baby girl Allysa on July 7th, tha day after Robyn's birthday.  They had to deliver early because Robyn developed preeclampsia.  Robyn and her husband had to come to my area to have their jeep worked on and while they were here Ally quit breathing during the night. I went to see them in the hospital yesterday.  Ally is doing fine. They don't know what caused it, and she hasn't had any episodes since. I was very happy to get to meet Ally and her daddy since I hadn't met him either.  Please excuse the blurry cell pics.

I think that just leaves days 4-6 of my vacation to update you on next time.  Hope you enjoy!


jeanna said...

your photos are beautiful! What an awesome vacation!

Cindie said...

Very cool pics of you! Anyway, I wonder if you make a return with this blog. So sad that I can't find it earlier. I read a few of your posts and I find it simply interesting. Hope you can come back and share with us more cool stuff.