Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Prediction

Remember me telling you that I ordered a pregnancy prediction from Cherri22?  I finally got it last night so I decided to share my reading with you. 

(Please know that I did this just for fun. Any information given to me in this reading is just being treated as an opinion and I am not changing any medical treatment or anything else because of this reading.)

From Cheri22:

Hi Melissa
Thank you for being patient with me while I got back to your reading. I am seeing you guys with a GIRL and they relate her to MARCH so this is either birth month, conceive month or the month you find out in.
When it comes to your daughter, they are showing her as someone who is always really caring. She tends to be the one that is always more hands on. Wanting to give you a hug and tell you how much she loves you. Shes always someone who is not afraid to express her feelings and is always going ot tell you what is bothering her. No matter what age she is, shes someone who is confident in the advice that you give, and is often applying her ideas and your solutions to any problems
They show her with lighter colored hair an d its usually really long. I am seeing her wearing glasses and she prefers to have them darker frames. I think that you are going to find her to be someone who is always confident, but at times slightly shy. She kinda holds back at first, still friendly and enjoyable to be around, but not her full outgoing self until shes gotten used to people a bit more.
She loves dogs, but is always going to prefer the smaller "fluffy" type dogs.
Shes got a beautiful smile, shes going to be similar height to you when shes done growing but they show her face being a bit more round than yours (not alot, but if you stand side by side you can tell the difference).
Shes always good with her younger brother (he relates to October) and is often showing him the way. Shes someone who loves to experience life. The type that talks opening about the things that shes done wrong and how she fixed it, hoping that others find a way to fix it before they run into any problems.
When ti comes to career paths, shes some sort of therapist and self help guru. Shes often going to high schools and talking about life, depression, anxiety and letting them know that they too can overcome it. Shes always very motivating and connects really well to people.

When it comes to marriage I am seeing her closer to 23. They will have one boy and one girl of their own.

Let me know if you have any questions

Best Wishes


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It's kinda interesting to hear what she thinks my "daughter" will be like.  I will definitely let her and you know if any of this comes true.  I'm mostly anxious to see if the March part is true.  If it is the conceive month then it will either be next month or next year.  If it's next year that would coincide with the 13 month treatment rate my Dr's office has so that sounds a little more likely if you consider this as the first moth of treatment since I started the metformin this week.  If I give birth in March that would mean I get pregnant sometime around June which is good since my 31st birthday will be then.

I've had 2 full days on the metformin and so far not so bad.  I'm taking 500mg a day for the first 7 days, then I up it to 500mg twice a day for 21 days.  After that I'll have b/w again to determine if I'm on the correct dose or not.  On the first day I was a little nauseous all afternoon and yesterday I had a little bit of a stomach ache after I took it.  Other than that the only other side effect I've had so far is gas. I can live with gas if that's all the problems I get, lol.  We'll see what happens after I up my dose next week.

I've started temping again in hopes that the met will make them a little more stable and I'll be able to detect ovulation. 

Here's to hoping!

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Magaret said...

Was she right or wrong? Please I want to know the update! I'm trying to conceive a baby and also looking for a good reading. Do you have any suggestion?