Thursday, July 15, 2010

Step One: Gym Membership

Check. Done. As soon as G and I walked in the door we were greeted by a very friendly man lifting weights. He was kind enough to offer us some chairs to sit in and chatted us up about the gym while we were waiting for the owner. As we were waiting we also had a chance to meet the aerobics instructor. I was a little surprised to be honest. Now don't take what I'm going to say the wrong way because I certainly don't judge people based on the way they look. If I did I probably wouldn't like myself very much, but I did not expect the aerobics instructor to have a spare tire or two around her middle and missing half her teeth.

Maybe I'm exaggerating a little about the teeth. I'm just sayin. It was not what I expected. I'm sure she is a great instructor or she wouldn't be working there or actually have people attend her class. I guess that's what you get in a small town gym. Again, nothing against small towns, I grew up in one and I live in one now and love it. I'm just sayin.

We talked to the owner for a while and he is pretty nice. He gave us suggestions on our workout sessions. He suggested starting with at least 20 minutes of cardio then alternating days of pushing and pulling as he called it. One day he will do his arms and upper body and any "pulling" exercises. The next workout he will do his back and core exercises and on the next he will work his legs. He also suggested going no more than 3 times a week to start so we don't burn ourselves out.

I am actually excited to start this journey. I think this is really going to be a step in the right direction for me.

I will leave you today with a few pictures from the last month or so courtesy of G.

This is at the Mid-America Science Museum in Hot Springs. The have these tunnels that you can can crawl through that are supposed to show you what it's like inside a mine. After taking this shot I decided that I was going to slide on my back through the tunnel because it was killing my knees and tore the string that tied at the back of my shirt. Luckily it tore at a place where I can fix it without it being obvious. I just haven't done it yet because I keep forgetting to buy some brown thread.

In this wonderful picture we have exhibit A: an adorable baby goat. It was too cute. We also have exhibit B: my fabulous fat roll and the reason I joined a gym today. This is also why I am not an aerobics instructor. And last but not least, exhibit C: my torn shirt. I just tucked the strings, still tied together, down the back of my shirt. Luckily it wasn't noticeable.

And this is the lake were we had the riverboat cruise and fireworks show. This lake is huge and it was completely covered in boats for the show. It was a madhouse out on the lake, but the fireworks were so much better out there.

This last picture is of the cake my mother and I made for my cousin's baby shower. I know I said I wasn't going to make one, but when my mother agreed to make it I didn't feel right letting her do it all by herself, so this was my gift to them for the baby shower. The baby's first name is a combination of her name and her husband's and the middle name is a combination of his mom's and dad's. This is probably one of my favorite cakes that we have done.

Hopefully before too long I will have some pictures of my progress with my workouts. I will let you know how that goes next week.


jeanna said...

Good luck with the gym! You will do great! That cake is BEAUTIFUL seriously you should start a business!

Amanda said...

Love the cake!!!