Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Step 2: Exercising

G and I had our first visit to the gym on Monday. We both walked for 30 minutes at a brisk pace and then did some resistance training on our arms.  We went again yesterday and decided just to do cardio so we did some more walking. G walked for about 30 min, but had to stop because he started to hurt.

My first goal was 30 min, but one I got there I saw that I was close to burning 200 calories so that became my new goal. I didn't stop there though. Once I got there I decided I could make it to 3 miles and it just went on from there until I had walked for an hour traveling a distance of 3.2 miles and burning over 300 calories. What I don't get is if I was walking at a pace of 2.6 mph how did I walk over 3 miles when technically it should only have been 2.6?

Not long after I started my legs where burning, but that went away after a while. By the time I made it to an hour I really felt like I had accomplished something. It was a really good feeling. Although after G stopped he just stood there while I kept walking. We did talk some, but I was walking on an incline and was getting winded so it was kinda weird that he was just standing there. 

I'm not sure if we are going today or not. G is pretty sore today so he doesn't want to walk. The only thing on me that is really sore is the instep on my right foot. After I walked the muscle just kept feeling like it was going to cramp. It got pretty painful at one point. The only thing I can figure is that I'm not used to wearing shoes with arch support like I do when I'm at the gym. Who knows. I hope my body gets used to whatever is making me hurt so it will stop.

As far as my mother goes we are still kinda on the outs. It just seems like everytime I am around her she does something to either hurt or insult me. I don't know if she is doing it on purpose or if she just doesn't realize she is doing it. One of these days I'm just going to have to get up the nerve to say something to her. It's just hard to do.

And the PrimaDonna co-worker struck again today. We all know about the a/c tirades here(which have now moved on to 2 a/c units instead of just the one) but she hasn't stopped there. Apparently she complained about the heat from the door beside her desk so our boss (who caters to her) has decreed that no one is to use that door during business hours.  So here is an illustration of how we have to do things now. If I want to go to my truck for any reason the red line is how I used to go and the blue line is how I have to go now.

Does this make any sense at all? Not opening the door has not made one bit of difference to the temperature. On the other hand, me running my heater did :)  I was only running it to stay warm mostly, and a little out of spite I have to admit. It has a thermostat so it runs off and on, but after a while the warm air does start to fill up my office and seep into her room. She hasn't had the nerve to complain about it. To me anyway.

Onto body news now. I have started to get cranky, but that is because I have had varying degrees of spotting for a few weeks now. Accompanying that has been cramps and dull pain in my ovaries. I am tired of hurting. My body is so screwy right now. I just wish it would either work right or do nothing. I don't like this in between stuff.

Well it's 3 o'clock so I'm going to walk all the way around the building, get in my truck, and go home.

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jeanna said...

just wanted to say keep it up!! You will see some changes in about 2 weeks! That is so awesome you ended up walking a full hour! Don't push yourself too hard and then you wont make it the next day!! Just think each step is literally a step closer to a better home for a baby!!

FYI: yes, your coworker is crazy and i loved the diagram! hehe i would totally have drawn one up too!