Thursday, July 1, 2010

I've been a victim of fraud

and it sucks. Over the past week I have had about $250 charged on my debit card by some anonymous jerk that wanted me to pay for his stuff. 

It started with someone charging almost $60 on my iTunes account. I went to my bank and they told me I could cancel my card to keep anything else from being charged, but I couldn't dispute the charges until everything cleared.

Everything had cleared by Tuesday, but I had to pay my insurance with my debit card on Wednesday so I didn't want to cancel it just yet.  When I went to make my payment I logged into my bank account just to make sure I had enough money in there and I saw a charge for about $170 for something called Maxx Shredders. I don't know what the heck that is, but I sure didn't buy it.

I went to my bank as soon as they opened this morning and got to watch them cut up my debit card. It felt like I was losing my best friend. After I said a silent prayer for the dearly departed I signed the paperwork for my new card arriving in approximately 2-4 weeks. I hope it comes soon because I am lost without that thing.

I think maybe what I might do in the future to help protect myself is just buy Visa gift cards to use for all my online purchases. That way no one gets my information. The only way I can think of that they got my info is from my iTunes account. I had my info stored on there so I could buy movies and such.

Atleast G and I have seperate bank accounts. Don't get the wrong idea and think we don't share our money because we do. I have my own bank account because I like to shop and G is afraid of me spending all his money, lol. Not really, but he tells me that since I earn the money I should get to spend the money. I do pay 2 of the credit cards and my life and health insurance every month. I also have a little bit every week going into my vacation savings account.

Once the new transaction posts to my account the bank will dispute the charges for me and see if we can get my money back. They are also going to see if the identity theft and fraud protection I have on my account will reimburse me if I don't get it back. The lady that helped me today wasn't sure if there was a minimum amount they would reimburse. I have been paying $5 a month for well over 5 years for that service so I hope they cover it.

I was hoping my trip to Hot Springs would be nice and relaxing this weekend. I guess this is really the best time to get away so I can get my mind off of everything.

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poosemommy said...

Do enjoy Hot Springs-I was there last month and it's just lovely!