Thursday, July 8, 2010

How it went

Ok, so my appointment was a little disappointing, but atleast I officially have a new Dr now. 

All they did today was my annual exam. After the exam I had a little meeting with him in his office. He told me that he wants to start monitoring me on my next cycle, but in the meantime I have to start a strict diet regimen. He said I need to lose atleast a pound a week until I've lost atleast 20 lbs.  Does anyone have any suggestions on this?

I think G and I are going to check out a gym in our town today and see what it's like. It is only about $50 a month for the 2 of us. That's cheaper than the gyms in the town we work in. Once you sign up for your membership they issue you a scan card so you have access 24 hrs. The manager is only there twice a week to let you check out the facility so we have to catch him on one of those days. Today happens to be one of those days so I am going to convince G to go with me. If I have to lose weight so does he.

Hopefully my debit card fraud will be taken care of soon. I had to file a police report yesterday in order for the bank to dispute the charges for me. I signed all the paperwork yesterday and the bank manager told me it should only take about a week for the money to be put back in my account. I would really like to have that $240 back.

So what are your suggestions on losing weight? I was doing really well when I started the low glycemic diet, but I realized I was only eating about 450-700 calories a day.  I started adding some calories back in my diet and I gained back a few pounds so my weight loss so far is at about 8 pounds in 2 months. My goal right now is to get to 180 so that is another 15 lbs according to my scale and 18 by the Dr's scale. I don't want to make myself sick. I just want to have a healthy body that's ready for a baby.

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jeanna said...

So I hate working out, but I do it to maintain my weight and so I don't have to be as careful about what I eat. Here are my few suggestions:

1-when you first start working out set small goals like run for a minute then walk for a minute, do this for 20 minutes and that is a decent workout. There are some great free programs online that you should try. You have to have a goal other than just losing the pounds or you will get defeated quickly.

2-find one new really healthy recipe a week and make it. I just did a bean/corn/tomato cold salad it was really low in calories and all fresh; perfect for summer

3-every time you get discouraged think that each bite of food can bring you closer or further from your main goal~having a baby (the same goes for skipping days at the gym)

4-write it ALL down!!! if you don't keep yourself accountable on paper (or on your blog) then you will cheat...or at least I do!

Each time I have gotten pregnant I was working out and eating healthy the month before.

Good Luck! You can do it!