Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Story of My Life

I am just a simple girl from a small town. I really enjoy the little things in life and that's what gets me from day to day. I am really an open book and you can ask me anything. Sometimes you don't have to ask, I will tell you anyway, but it may not be something you cared to hear about. I'm just that way sometimes. So here is the story of what made me the person I am today.

I was born in Tacoma, WA in 1980. My dad was in the Air Force Reserves so shortly after I was born we moved to Wichita Falls, TX. While we were there my mom divorced and remarried by the time I was about 3 or 4. By this time there are 4 kids. I have an older sister and 2 younger brothers.

When I was in about 3rd grade we moved to the Dallas area. Not sure why, but even when we were in Wichita Falls I was never in the same school for 2 consecutive years. We moved around a lot for some reason. The main thing I remember from my early childhood, besides moving all the time, was that my step-father was abusive, but it took my mother until I was 11 to leave him. I used to have a lot of resentment over this, but what occured next in my life kind of wiped away the bad memories.

Shortly after my mom divorced we moved to Buffalo. NY to live with a man my mom knew when she was married to my first (real) dad. Him and my dad were actually good friends when we were in Tacoma. Apparently he and my mother had been keeping in touch over the years. During the year we lived in Buffalo they got married. So by this time I am on to my 3rd dad. Luckily this one stuck around.

Exactly one year to the day we moved to NY we moved back to Texas. My parents had found a home in a very small town in East Tx and promised us that we would graduate there. They stuck to their word. I actually stayed in the same school from 7th to 12th grade. I can't begin to tell you how nice it was to go to school with the same people year after year. So in 1998 I graduated with the 48 other people in my class.

After high school I did a year of college on a Pell Grant. The next year my parents made too much money for me to qualify for another grant and I didn't want to take out loans so I joined the workforce where I have been ever since.

When I was 21 I met my husband through a mutual friend. I actually didn't like him much when we first met. First of all, he was older than anyone I had ever dated (20 yrs older than me) and he had long hair and tinted glasses. I thought he looked like a hippie to be honest. As we spent more time together I became very attracted to him because of his attitude and his kindness, so after a couple of weeks we began dating. About a year later, on Valentine's Day, he proposed and I said yes.

During the year we were dating my parents found out how old he was (the same age as my mother). I wasn't hiding it from them, I just didn't feel the need to discuss it. When my sister told them they disowned me. My mother left me a message on my answering machine saying all sorts of nasty things and we quit talking to each other. At this point in my life I was kinda close to my mom so this hurt a lot.

We got engaged anyway. He made me oh so happy, and to me age is just a number. We were a match made in heaven. I was mature for a 22 yr old and he didn't act his age of 42. When I started to plan our wedding it dawned on me that if my parents were going to have no part of it then my dad was never going to walk me down the aisle. I decided that if that wasn't going to happen then I didn't want a traditional wedding. We decided to go to Las Vegas and get married.

Not everyone in my family disapproved so we took my oldest younger brother and my best friend to Vegas with us that November. For me it was perfect even though I was really wishing my family could have been there.

It wasn't until the following October that my mother even met my husband. It was on Halloween and she invited us both to Thanksgiving Dinner. It was such a big moment for us. Things were strained between everyone at first just because it was an unusual situation, but they have come to love him just as much as I have.

We now live next door to may parents on their property. My sister and her daughter live with my parents so we get to see them all the time. We have 3 cats, a bald dog, and a horse, and hopefully a baby or two is in our future.

I love my family very much and I am so happy my life has turned out the way it has.

I just wanted to add that I miss my mother-in-law dearly. She was one of the most loving women I have ever know.

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jeanna said...

I am so glad you posted this, it is such a great idea and I feel like I know you a little better now!

Good for you for following love and I am so glad your family figured out what a great man your husband is.