Monday, June 14, 2010

I've lost 10 lbs!

Yay for me! I am now halfway to my first goal. It took me a little over a month to lose the 10 lbs, so hopefully it won't take much longer than that to lose the other half. That is the weight the new Dr wants to to get to for my best chances at baby making.

All I did was start eating a low glycemic diet. I found lots of recipes on Some of them were good, some were not so good. My favorite I think was the Chicken Taco Soup. I will post the recipe if anyone is interested.

My 6 yr old niece has been asking me to take her fishing for some time, so this weekend I bought a fishing license and took her to the small local lake. She had a blast. I had fun too, until I noticed how red I was getting. i did put on sunblock, but we had been there for a few hours already before I remembered to. And I didn't put more on after we went swimming. I also let my niece put the sunblock on my back. I am now lobster red with a nice white streak across the top of my back. Even the backs of my hands and the tops of my feet are burnt. It is so hard to sleep like this. I have resorted to sleeping on my stomach on top of a body pillow. My chest is not burnt thank goodness so that is the most comfortable way to sleep. I think when I get home I will try putting some vinegar on it and see if that helps.

This is my niece with the first fish she caught that day. She was so excited. It was very windy that day, that's why her hair is all in her face.

Never again will I go outside for more than a few minutes without sunblock during the summer.

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