Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Getting Anxious

So today is 9dpo and I really want to start testing even though I know it is really too early to know anything. The Dr office has not called withthe results of my labwork, but I am 90% sure I ovulated. The last time I O'd I had all kinds of symptoms including very sore breasts, but I guess that may be because it was the first time I O'd in such a long time.  This time I don't have any symptoms. Not a single one. If it wan't for my elevated temps I wouldn't even know it had happened. Maybe I didn't really O and it is just a flike my temps are high. I don't know. I feel all confused. My temp even dropped way down yesterday and came back up a little today. My chart still looks crazy.  FF says I shoudn't test until 18dpo, but we know I won't wait that long.

My dad still doesn't have a job and my brother, who is staying with my parents right now, lost his job yesterday. He lost his because he's an idiot though. I love him, but he's an idiot. He calls in all the time just because he doesn't want to work. He was told not to come into work on Monday because he talked back to a supervisor and decided he was going to call in on Tuesday and when he did they told him he was fired. It's really not surprising.

Onto the work front. Things have been super busy this week. It has actually taken me over 4 hours just to type this much. Plus my boss has been going out of town and doing a lot of classes which just adds to my already overflowing workload. And what ticks me of the most is that bitchy coworker sits there and plays games all day and never once offers to help. Even when she can plainly see that I am trying to do too many things at once. And of course, the ever present thermostat wars. She is back to her old ways and it didn't take long for her to get that way.

One good thing about being busy at work is that it takes my mind off wanting to POAS. Atleast until I get home. Maybe if I just use opk's for a while it will keep me from testing atleast until Saturday.

Can you tellI am getting really anxious?

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