Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A new leaf

So yesterday menopausal co-worker came into work and didn't say anything to anyone. That is very unusual. Every morning for the past three years I have worked with her she has said good morning as soon as she comes in the door and gets offended if no one answers her. I figured since she didn't say anything when she came in she was in a really sour mood and it was going to make for a very long day. She was certainly putting off those vibes too.  You can imagine my surprise whan she doesn't touch the thermostat all morning or even all afternoon. I actually started getting hot and by the time I left for the day the thermostat was set lower than she normally sets it, but she didn't do it, I did.

I have decided that if she can turn over a new leaf then so can I. Co-worker was actually pleasant to work with. She actually helped answer the phones like she is supposed to and didn't complain all day. When she came in this morning she didn't mess with the air again so when she went out to smoke I decided to compromise and turn the heater off. Now it is a mostly comfortable 72 degrees in here. My feet are freezing, but I can deal with that. I will even refrain from running my heater just to irritate her, lol. I feel like we have called a truce even though no words have been said.

I like working in a stress free zone.


jeanna said...

does she know about your blog?? Maybe she read it and realize how she was acting?

Missy said...

I have never told anyone IRL about my blog. My husband doesn't even know about it. That doesn't mean she didn't find out about it somehow though.