Monday, March 29, 2010

I am so disappointed

in my body. On CD18 I got a +opk and my temp had dropped so I was sure I was going to O. Then on CD19 my temp spiked. I thought it was perfect and a sure sign that I O'd. This morning CD20 my temp was back down almost where it was on CD18. It's like my body really wants to O but even with the clomid it can't for some reason.

It really makes my heart break a little every time this happens. Every cycle I tell myself that I don't want to go through the pain of getting my hopes up and then nothing happening, but then I think of the possible outcome if I finally do O and I just have to try again. I am positive I didn't O, but on Friday I will shell out another $70 so someone with a medical background can tell me what I already know.

I only have one more shot before my dr won't help me any more. I can't say she's been really all that helpful this cycle, but atleast she did give me the clomid. I am going to ask her to up my clomid to 150mg for my last shot, but I am not sure if she will do it or not. We shall see.

I hope someone out there is having better luck than I am.

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