Thursday, February 4, 2010

No O...

..this go round. I don't know why I bother to pay someone every month to tell me what I already know. I guess I just need the confirmation from the Dr to know I am right. My body tried to O more than once, but it just didn't happen. I got + OPK on CD16, 17, and 20, but never had a thermal shift. It is amazing how much you learn about your body once you actually start paying attention. Dr said this must be a fluke month since I O's last month at the same dosage.  We are going to try the 100mg again this month and see what happens.  If I don't O next time I am going to ask if she will try 150mg for my last cycle. She doesn't really want to, but it can't hurt to ask, right? This next time we are also going to use preseed and instead cups and see if that helps.

Other that not Oing everything is pretty much the same as last month.  My mother and I are trying to plan our vacation this year. I know it seems early, but we use a time-share and if you don't book early you don't get a condo. We are thinking either Yellowstone or Mt. Rushmore. When we choose somewhere to go we usually want beautiful scenery and diverse activities. We like for there to be enough things to do that we can keep ourselves busy most of the time.  That is part of the reason we go on vacations, we want to do things that aren't available at home. That is why we went panning for gold,

 to the Coors Brewery,

 and to a Titanic Exhibit in Colorado,

 to the Butterfly Palace,

 the Dixie Stampede, and Six in Branson,

 and rode in the Zorb Ball and the Wahoo Zip Lines,

 and went to the world's largest underground lake in Tennessee.

Any suggestions on where to vacation?


jeanna said...

Wow, what awesome vacations!! That is so cool! Thank you for sharing...makes me want to plan a trip!

GL next cycle...hoping for the O that makes the +!

jeanna said...

ps: i've started a new blog that is semi-private and would love for you to be a follower