Monday, December 28, 2009

Right on Track..

..for once.  This cycle actually seems to be going the way it is supposed to go for the most part. I actually have gotten positive readings on the opk's when I didn't get anything the last time I used them.  I started using them on cd8 got a + reading on cd10 wich I really didn't pay attention to since I took the clomid cd5-9 and I think it can give a false + reading. Then I got a + reading on cd16-19. I am not sure if it is normal to have a + reading so many days in a row, but I did.  My temp has been steadily rising since cd18 and it is now cd20 so for the last 3 days.

My chart is a little crazy because I forgot to temp several days at the beginning of my cycle. That is a sign of ovulation I believe, and if it keeps rising that is an early sign of pg. My breasts also started getting a little tender yesterday so that is possible pms symptoms starting.  I am really trying not to read too much into anything because I am getting tired of all the heartache.

I had a great time during the Holidays. All of my immediate family was there which is rare.  I love watching everyone open their gifts and see the looks of excitement when they got what they wanted. There was also plenty of time for rest! That is always needed.  I loved all my gifts, but I knew I would. My husband says he never knows what to get me so I usually pick out all my own gifts. My husband really does spoil me.  He even gave me all my gifts 3 days early so I wouldn't have to wait for them.  I tried to give him his, but he wouldn't take them.

We went to my grandparent's house yesterday for another family dinner.  I got to see relatives there that I don't see very often so that was nice.  We also got the announcement that one of my young cousins is expecting her first baby.  I had mixed emotions when I heard this.  I was happy for her first because she is a wonderful person and deserves this, but I was also sad and a little jealous that it wasn't me making a pregnancy announcement.  My husband tries to be supportive of me, but hre really just does not understand the emotional roller coaster that I have been on with this whole process. I know we have some other relatives trying to have a baby so I am practicing my "happy face" for when we get the inevitable news.

So a new year is about to start and hopefully lots of good things will come our way in 2010.  My 30th birthday is in June and I am really hoping to be pregnant by then. I also hope that next Christmas there will be an extra stocking hung on the mantle. For this week I am hoping that my progesterone check shows that I actually ovulated this time around and I hope my temp keeps rising (fingers crossed).

I wish everyone the best for 2010. I hope everyone's dreams come true!

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