Thursday, December 31, 2009

It has been confirmed...

...I ovulated!  I got the call from the Dr's office about 3 hrs after having my blood drawn. I was so nervous answering the phone, but the nurse very quickly confirmed what I already suspected and just told me to call them back either when AF comes or I get a BFP.  I am hoping for the latter, but I will take either at this point. Atleast I ovulated! I'm not quite as broken as I was.

This feels like such a lifting off point. Atleast now I know I can ovulate even if it does require medication. If ovulation is possible then a baby is possible!  I am officially on my first 2ww and I can already tell I will be dying to POAS like every day, but alas, I will refrain (hopefuly). I just need to try and find other things to occupy my time.

On another note, but still related to ovulation, OMG my breasts hurt and I thing they weigh about 20 lbs each! I guess that's what I get for not Oing for so long, my body has decided to make up for it by exaggerating my symptoms. It hurts every time I move, and I can forget trying to sleep comfortably. Today at work I was taking my lunchbox (yes, I'm a dork) off the filing cabinet where I keep it and it was kinda heavy because it had enough food for 2 people in it (remember me and hubby work together, I promise it's not all for me) and when I picked it up I forgot it was heavy and it fell right on one of my boobs. I thought it was going to fall off it hurt so bad. Of course when it happened I grabbed my breast because it hurt and my hubby happened to be standing there and I started laughing because I was imagining how crazy I looked just standing there holding my boob. If anyone had walked into the building they would have seen me standing there and thought either I was crazy or that I am really into exhibitionism. Either way it hurt and I wouldn't have cared what they thought.  Since then the one that I hurt has been slightly more painful than the other. I wonder how long the tender breast thing will last?

I am really am not complaining. If this is what I have to deal with to have a baby then bring it on.  I just really wasn't expecting this, much less expecting the pain to get a little worse each day. seems to think AF will show up around Jan 9th so if it doesn't I guess that is when I will POAS and see what happens.

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