Friday, November 13, 2009

Dr. finally called

So the Dr's office finally called me on Thursday afternoon after I left another message asking about my test results.  The nurse that called me back is not the one I usually talk to and that was a little surprising.  In all the years I have been seeing this Dr I have only dealt with one nurse.  She said that my progesterone was still very low and that the Dr was recommending I see an RE in Shreveport.  I told her that the Dr had agreed to let me go through 6 rounds of the clomid before sending me to Shreveport.  She said she would check on that and call me back.  Of course she didn't.

I was pretty upset by this point.  I felt like my Dr didn't really want to deal with me anymore so she was pawning me off on someone else. I had also already gotten in an argument with my husband about a family matter so I was feeling pretty crappy.  I was really on the verge of tears.  This was all going on while I was at work so I took a little break to step outside and call my BFF so I could talk and vent to her.  It really helped a lot so I went back inside.  I had made up my mind to find a new Dr.  I was going to set up appts with potentials and have a consultation with each one to find a good fit and see who was willing to help me.

This morning around 10 am I was laying in bed with my husband when the Dr office called me back.  Luckily it was the nurse I normally deal with.  She had been out most of the week and was catching up.  She basically told me the same thing the other nurse did that the Dr wanted me to go to Shreveport, but I could hear the Dr talking in the background saying that she hadn't had a chance yet to look back over my file.  She then said that she was willing t try me on a round of 150 mg clomid, but that it made her nervous because it is a lot of clomid and she didn't want me to end up having 6 babies.  I said that was fine, but why don't we try 100 mg first since I did 50 mg this last time.  She thought that was what we had just tried, but since we didn't she said I could do the 100 mg for a few months and see if that works.

I asked her what my progesterone levels were and what they should be just so I would know.  She said that they like to see a level of 10 and that mine was a 1.15.  That is pretty low and it is even lower than last cycle when it was 1.5.  I am wondering if I possibly O'd after CD 24 because I have been having cramps and headaches like I haven't had in over 4 years.  I really don't think I would be having cramps without O'ing unless this is a side effect of the meds.  I really don't know, but I am going to find out.  I bought a basal thermometer yesterday so I am going to start charting my temps and see if I can figure things out on my own.

After BD'ing every other day almost 2 weeks when we thought I should be ovulating I guess we kinda got burnt out.  We haven't done it since CD 18 so if I did O late there is no way I could be pg.  Hopefully charting will help me get a handle on things and that the 100 mg clomid will make me O.

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