Monday, August 24, 2009

Waiting for the big O

So I started the clomid on Friday. Hopefully it will do its job. I won't find out for sure until Sept 9th when I have my progesterone levels checked. Besides the fact that this is Monday, this medication has made me cranky, I have random dizziness and I feel like I am sitting in a sauna. I am having hot flashes from hell. I think that is the worst part. It's a good thing I only take these for 5 days because the hot flashes seem to get worse each day although it is a small price to pay for the baby that will hopefully come of it. Only 1 more day to go. No one at my doctor's office has been very clear on when I should ovulate if I will so I guess I will have to do my own research and just kinda wing it. They did tell me that if I do ovulate that I should start my cycle without having to take the provera to induce it. We will see what happens. On a side note, my best friend delivered a beautiful baby boy this morning by c-section. Both mom and baby are doing well.

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